Sacred Site

Ma-Yothu Sanctuaryhas been carefully selected as the site for our Wisdom Meditation and Healing centre. All Sacred Sites are only as powerful as the person or people who create them for they harness and focus the energy to make the space of empowerment. Without them the space returns to its original form.

Additional natural unique properties were sought and found on the land at Browns Rd. Boneo.

The first was a source of pure water which was divined close to the proposed building site. The ancient mineral water was tested and found to have a purity rarely found. It is slightly alkaline in nature and has the minerals and low level of dissolved salts needed for a healthy body. The site has many additional underground streams and magnetic energy lines, it is a gathering place. The water is the life blood of the land and where it gathers becomes a living pool of energy. The sanctuary is surrounded on three sides with streams of energy and a nature reserve completes the surrounds. The centre resides on an ancient layer of limestone with memories of a pure natural past. It is situated between two large bodies of water of Port Phillip Bay and Bass Straight which provide clear prevailing air. The night skies are clearly visible without the excessive glow from built up areas.

We have constructed an earth dune along the south roadside to represent the mountains behind and created water ponds to the north for cooling the hot summer winds.  Many trees and plants will be added over time as the seasons and land dictate.

A number of special spaces have been made with ponds and places to honour our ancestors, spirits and for ceremonies to occur.

The foundations have been laid with ceremony and appropriate empowerments for a harmonious space.  A Sanctuary by name and Sanctuary by nature. Our intent is to create positive energy with wisdom that can ripple out for ever.