Building a Meaningful Life

At Ma-Yothu Sanctuary one of our purposes is to guide people to discover their own meaningful life. A life with purpose and direction towards a healthy journey of self discovery. We provide many forms of meditation to raise awareness, healing  practices and wisdom insights.
Wisdom is to apply our awareness and good heart for deeper understandings of all things and situations. Experience and knowledge allows us to see that nothing is as simple as it first appears. The subject of wisdom and its application is endless so we have selected a number of select concepts which shall be expanded to broaden our minds. These subjects can be used to bring helpful energy through correct application and regular practice.

Some of the Practices that will be guided are :

  • Happiness & Joy- How we can all have this every day no matter how the world turns.
  • Love & Friendship- powerful secret of attainment available to all if ready for this in our lives. From seed to flower…
  • Foundation-Impermanence & Transition- the realization that nothing is permanent and that life is in constant state of change.
  • Foundation-Essence the living form- What it means and how are we placed in our understanding of our own existence.
  • Emotions & Fear- Are they just decisions that can be turned on or off if we use the power of mind control.
  • Foundation- The most wonderful gift of all comes from the power of selfless giving (Seva) with no expectation of reward.
  • Foundation-Wisdom of Speech-  The power of the word and what positive ripples can be started with correct application and respect to those around you.
  • Metta and the Uniqueness of one- The state of applying love to all things and people with unconditional care.
  • Material possessions and Money can be a form of addiction – burdens of worry to carry or to be turned to good. .
  • Freedom- What is it to be really free. From worry, cares, restrictions, constraints… is it possible to obtain ? Yes.
  • The power of Non-Judgement, acceptance and empathy – With these practices we learn to see the good in all and a clearer way.
  • Mind setting & Manifesting- We are the reflection of our thoughts and desires.

These Practices above are a short list of the guided Ma-Yothu wisdom awareness’s. Once you start to attend the centre you may become aware of the people who are attending these guided subjects and you will see people seeking raised awareness and looking to explore new knowledge and understandings with an open mind.

Functions will be held in due course where people of  knowledge and wisdom will be invited to present a topic of their and our choosing. These may be from  Lamas, aboriginal elders, healers, vegetarian cooks, motivators etc.. New ideas and points of view can be presented in this forum to keep our minds continually expanding to new concepts. We expect non-judgment, respect and acceptance of free speech at the appropriate time for all at these events. We only take from these events what sits with our own beliefs and we make no judgements of others who are to be respected for their own unique understandings. Positive organic discussions are of benefit to all.