“The Dreaming” The missing half that completes us.



Moving on….

As we commit our path to the universe and travel further into the deeper world of occult understanding, a time has come for Ma-Yothu’s Sanctuary to be possibly relocated. I have discovered that which makes a sanctuary, it is not so much the place or the space but the heart and spirit that dwells there. Love and care can never be replaced with material things, no matter their perceived value.Our perceptions of heaven, shambala, nirvana etc. and peace can be found in any moment if we let it be so.  As the world regresses into judgements, slavery, tyranny, fear and strong opinions, we can return to nature for consolence and guidance for it has always been the source of all wisdom. Once we understand, “The Dreaming” nothing really matters…..

A Dreaming Muse….

The snakes of shining skin and slippery in nature, move smoothly about when their blood flows warm. In their world of energetic vibrations, the language of smell is enlightening, their existence is one of no judgement as they are balanced between the perceived world and the dreaming world. Humans bring the vibrations of danger and the smell of fear as they pass as ghosts, lost from the path of being whole. – Ma-Yothu