Meditation & Event Up-Dates



Over the next three months our meditation classe dates will vary as time is spent expanding and visiting different spaces here and overseas.  The classes are available upon invitation and requires those wishing to attend to contact the centre. All enquiries can be directed to Shane on 0400525552.

Meditation dates-  

Friday 16th, 23rd, August

Friday 20th, 27th September

Friday 25th October

Private classes are available for groups or for those who require individual consultations for the wide variety of lifes challenges. Price is upon application.

A big thank you for all who have and who are about to attend our classes, courses and events. Our intent is to share and guide our visitors towards a healthy meaningful life.  Our expansive forms of meditation, meditative minds and wisdom …including Traditional Aboriginal, Japanese Zen, Tibetan and Indian forms will be still practiced on Friday nights only. As more knowledge becomes available and our intelligence continues to expand, so must our our habitual mind be opened to change, to explore and create an evolving path of the now and into the future….

** Prices & Payment Details Below…

Upcoming Events/Workshops

How to make Enzymes at home for health and long life. “The Spark of Life”

Please see details  under events…


Meditation – One Enlightened Day

One day of expansion, wisdom and Meditation practice.

Next event to be added in November.. All enquiries please call Shane 0400525552

Meditation Retreat-One Enlightened Weekend.

An experience of Expansive Meditation, spiritual and personal growth.

Please  call o4oo525552. Next date to be confirmed.

Please see details under events..

Special  Events

****** Full Moon Meditation – Summer – Special Addition…

We are happy to present a special event for December 23rd starting at 7pm. – 8.30pm. for a sit down home cooked Vegetarian dinner  and organic chat about food, enzymes and life. A leisurely walk can follow before our meditation. 8.30pm – 10.00pm. We will ask our special guest Dr. Joean from Malaysia  to share some of her Wisdom and Knowledge about the new age of “Enzymes” for fantastic health and saving the environment. This will be followed by introduction to our plants and a “Singing Experience”. A group meditation will follow and some drumming may may welcome in the change of season.  Weather permitting the meditation is normally outdoors on one of the many varying locations on Ma-Yothu Sanctuary, though this will be decided on the night. Experience the energy of the full pale moon and hear the special plants singing in the new summer cycle!! Cost $30 for dinner and Meditation. Booking are required for catering purposes. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email:… this experience has passed

Falling Leaves Event: Autumn – Special Event with Seasonal Dinner! !

Sunday 10th March 2019 – A change of season is upon us as we move into autumn…As the trees let go of the leaves we follow as it is a time to let go of all things that are unhelpful in our mind and life…A Releasing Meditation with a sit down home cooked seasonal vegetarian dinner. Chat and discuss why trees release their leaves and other organic discussions. Meditation and Burning Baggage ceremony. A burning baggage ceremony will be carried out as we release and free ourselves from the burdens and worries we carry. Please arrive a bit before.. 7pm- 8pm. dinner and 8pm – 9.30pm. Cost $30 for dinner and Meditation. Bookings are required for catering purposes – spaces are limited. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email: to book a space ! this experience has passed

Spiritual Resting Event: Winter- Special Event with Seasonal Dinner!!

Sunfday 2nd June 2019 – The season of winter returns as we prepare for the cooler months and the shorter daylight hours.  “Winter is coming”      ” The mystery of the meditation -the Meditative Mind ceremony remains hidden until closer to the date…..?  Clue… ” There will be unique sounds, there will be visions, there will be calm and there will be a new solution to an old challenge..There will also be inner and outer smiles. 

Please arrive a bit before.. 6pm- 7pm. dinner and 7pm – 8.30pm ritual and circle meditation practice.  Hot chai and Oolong tea will be available as well as  pure drinking water which is always available here. Cost $30 for a delightful home cooked vegetarian/Veagan  dinner and a unique  Meditation. Bookings are required for catering purposes. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email: to book a space! Places are filling fast !

What to bring: clean socks or soft covers for feet, loose fitting warm clothes, a soft blanket,  an open mind and respect of others.

Prices and Payments

Please pay at front office prior to entering classes or Bsb. transfer and provide confirmation.

The cost of our regular  meditation classes is $15 per class.

Foundation Members $10

Pensioners $10.  Unemployed $10     Students $10

Private classes are available by contacting Shane 0400 525552  for that special inspiring shared experience with family, friends or partner. Also available for healing…anxiety, restlessness, finding peace as well as being available to guide a meditative mind to all sorts of lifes challenges… Cost $50 per hr with a maximum two people. $20 per head above this number.

Recomended-Five class passes for meditation are available at $50. ($10 per class). (Currently unavailable until further notice) This provides the opportunity to gain an insight into the many differentnt layers and the exspansive nature of meditation practice and the state of a Meditative mind..   Two month lifespan from time of purchase for the non-transferable five class passes…   

Enzyme course $20 per person unless stated otherwise.

Event and Course costs are posted on relevant pages under (Courses and Events.)

Payment Options

Cash on the day or BSB Transfer 24hrs prior to class.

Name: Ma-Yothu Sanctuary

BSB: 063-540

ACC: 10708967

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


PS. All Ma-Yothu Sanctuary events are alcohol and drug free.