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We are beginning to share a number of new events … We have been away exploring new places and meeting new people who have provided inspiration , wisdom and opportunities to further expand our way of living. For those new to our centre we welcome you to join our community of people who seek a clearer and deeper understanding of themselves and life. We offer many levels of Spiritual Intelligence, Meditation and Awareness practices from begginners to those who have been long on the journey. Please see dates below for our new events, retreats and meditation start dates and time.

Meditation dates-  

Classes every Friday  6.30 -8pm 2021

Our classes vary in content and practices each week with many new forms and older forms shared. We expand the mind with awareness and focus for a calmer more content existence. All are welcome.

Private classes are available for groups or for those who require individual consultations/ counselling for the wide variety of lifes challenges  . Price is upon application.

Spiritual Intelligence and MeditationRetreats:

 One Enlightening Weekend

A 3 day experience of Expansive Meditation, spiritual and personal growth. Please see details under “retreats” for more detail.

Up coming dates for retreat : January 29th – 31st. 2021.    12th – 14th Feb.      26th – 28th Feb. 2021

One Enlightening Day – Upon request only

One day of expansion, wisdom and Meditation practice for expanding Spiritual Intelligence.

Please  call o4oo525552. 

See further details under retreats.

“The Beginning” – Special event introduction..

An ancient ceremony and story will be shared at the sanctuary… Only shared once before and now it will become public… Please join us now as i may only share  this ceremony and story on a limited basis. The story was given to me by my Uncle, a not black or white original person of Tasmania. His mother gave him the story and ceremony as her  mother  had shared going back way into the past. Only one person was given the story each generation. He shared and gave me this torch of hope to carry, in the last years of his life The full story and ceremony of how his people connected to Mother Earth, Father Spirit and Their Ancestors. It is the foundation of building Spiritual Intelligence, something hidden from this world that could be its saviour.The event, “The Beginning” will be limited in numbers and will be held in the meditation centre and by the Ancestors pond on the land. Attendance is by donation to an indigenous community of our choosing.

Upcoming Events/Workshops

Global Enzyme Network are happy to present ,

                                   “The Spark of Life”

“Learn about Enzymes  and how to harvest them at home for a healthy and long life.”

Learn about how enzymes affect our everyday life from a health perspective of the mind and the body. Further details can be found on “Global Enzymes Network” under heading on main page…

Date: Sunday   7th Feb. 2021

cost $25 includes morning tea and home made healthy muffin.

Please  call o4oo525552. 

Special  Events

Smiling Sun Event: Summer – Special Event with Seasonal Dinner ! 2020

When : 5th January 2020       Time 6 – 8.30pm.  Place: Ma-Yothu Sanctuary 182 Browns Rd. Boneo

We welcome all to join us as we celebrate the coming of summer to the land.. A new introduction to an ancient connection practice… As we embrace the sun and the water our bodies celebrate and our mind becomes more at ease. There will be smiles and laughs,  the experience will stay long and touch us deep in our hearts. Our group meditation is always unique and this created meditation will take us all on a journey. The community evening event with a delicous vegetarian meal and tea and sweets later is always well attended so please get in early if you wish to attend. Bookings are essential for catering purposes and full payment is required to confirm your place. You may call Shane for more details: Ph: 0400 525 552.  email:… This event has passed.


****** Full Moon Meditation – Summer – Special Addition…2018

We are happy to present a special event for 23rd December 2018 starting at 7pm. – 8.30pm. for a sit down home cooked Vegetarian dinner  and organic chat about food, enzymes and life. A leisurely walk can follow before our meditation. 8.30pm – 10.00pm. We will ask our special guest Dr. Joean from Malaysia  to share some of her Wisdom and Knowledge about the new age of “Enzymes” for fantastic health and saving the environment. This will be followed by introduction to our plants and a “Singing Experience”. A group meditation will follow to welcome in the change of season.  Weather permitting the meditation is normally outdoors on one of the many varying locations on Ma-Yothu Sanctuary, though this will be decided on the night. Experience the energy of the full pale moon and hear the special plants singing in the new summer cycle!! Cost $30 for dinner and Meditation. Booking are required for catering purposes. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email:… This experience has passed

Falling Leaves Event: Autumn – Special Event with Seasonal Dinner! !

Sunday 10th March 2019 – A change of season is upon us as we move into autumn…As the trees let go of the leaves we follow as it is a time to let go of all things that are unhelpful in our mind and life…A Releasing Meditation with a sit down home cooked seasonal vegetarian dinner. Chat and discuss why trees release their leaves and other organic discussions. Meditation and Burning Baggage ceremony. A burning baggage ceremony will be carried out as we release and free ourselves from the burdens and worries we carry. Please arrive a bit before.. 7pm- 8pm. dinner and 8pm – 9.30pm. Cost $30 for dinner and Meditation. Bookings are required for catering purposes – spaces are limited. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email: to book a space ! This experience has passed

Spiritual Resting Event: Winter- Special Event with Seasonal Dinner!!

Sunday 2nd June 2019 – The season of winter returns as we prepare for the cooler months and the shorter daylight hours.  “Winter is coming”      ” The mystery of the meditation -the Meditative Mind ceremony remains hidden until closer to the date…..?  Clue… ” There will be unique sounds, there will be visions, there will be calm and there will be a new solution to an old challenge..There will also be inner and outer smiles. 

Please arrive a bit before.. 6pm- 7pm. dinner and 7pm – 8.30pm ritual and circle meditation practice.  Hot chai and Oolong tea will be available as well as  pure drinking water which is always available here. Cost $30 for a delightful home cooked vegetarian/Veagan  dinner and a unique  Meditation. Bookings are required for catering purposes. Please contact Shane 0400525552. email: to book a space! This experience has passed

What to bring: clean socks or soft covers for feet, loose fitting warm clothes, a soft blanket,  an open mind and respect of others.

A big thank you for all who have and who are about to attend our classes,retreats, courses and events. Our intent is to share and guide our visitors towards a Spiritually Healthy, Meaningful life.  Our unique expansive forms of Meditation, Spiritual Intelligence, Connection Ceremonies and Wisdom guide us all to follow our own path.  Please note there may be times during the year, due to unforseen circumstances when classes are not available.

** Prices & Payment Details Below…

Prices and Payments

Please pay at front office prior to entering classes or Bsb. transfer and provide confirmation.

The cost of our regular  meditation classes is $15 per class.

Pensioners $10.  Unemployed $10     Students $10

Private classes are available by contacting Shane 0400 525552  for that special inspiring shared experience with family, friends or partner. Also available for healing, mind health…anxiety, restlessness, finding peace as well as being available to guide a meditative mind to all sorts of lifes challenges… Cost $50 per hr with a maximum two people. $20 per head above this number.

Recomended-Five class passes for meditation are available at $50. ($10 per class). This provides the opportunity to gain an insight into the many differentnt layers and the exspansive nature of meditation practice and the state of a Meditative mind..   Two month lifespan from time of purchase for the non-transferable five class passes…   

Enzyme course $25 per person unless stated otherwise.

Event and Course costs are posted on relevant pages under (Courses and Events.)

Payment Options

Cash on the day or BSB Transfer 24hrs prior to class.

Name: Ma-Yothu Sanctuary

BSB: 063-540

ACC: 10708967

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


PS. All Ma-Yothu Sanctuary events are alcohol and drug free.