Our Alternative Centre

Welcome to our Story.

Ma-Yothu Sanctuary was a dreaming story visualised a long time ago…  To create such a sacred place required many events of the universe to align. The real life story was initiated by Shane Martin to inspire hope for our children of  sustainable change and a new direction for building  their own meaningful life. He has created a space where people can come to experience a new way of living, with consciousness and awareness of them selves and mother nature. A place of non-judgement and respect for all living things. A place where we could explore the truth of what is possible with the expanding mind and to seek the space of no mind to open up and access our ancient Inherrent memories. Expose the power to re-awaken sleeping senses and abilities to heal and create. To push and explore our own capabilities and see our lives as endless opportunities to learn and grow.

The Sanctuary was opened as a place for sharing the Wisdom of Ancestors and Nature, Alternative Healing methods for the community and the seekers of new ways and to offer True Meditation Experiences with the expanding mind methods of:

  • “Darshan” ( See the  Inner Truth)
  •  “Dadirri” ( Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness)
  • Spiritual Intelligence  ( Understanding everything is connected and applying respect for  Mother Earth, Spirit Father and our Ancestors past and of the future)
  • Tao-Yothu(Speaking and Listening to the Universal Source).

As more awareness and meditative minds are applied, new areas of understanding and wisdom have begun to appear. Our wholistic approach to life leads us to experiencing much unlearning of what society has accepted as healthy. We expose and share the true nature of our expanded and diversified food and water sources, our emotional behaviour patterns, cycles and the true nature of what is required for a healthy body, mind, spirit and community.

How do we do this? We run regular meditation practices, retreats, seasonal dinners, work shops and share our knowledge to those who wish to listen. We invite people with appropriate knowledge to share new ideas or healthy food options that can break the sometimes destructive food habits . We explore new world discoveries as other seekers pick up the battern of humanity and work towards a sustainable awakened future.

People may become part of our never ending story by joining us as we provide peace and calm at the sanctuary for people to explore their inner self, heal their hearts and unlock the creative awareness that lies within reach of all people. We look to create a new path for our community and families where the inherrent goodness of all people can blossum with care and without fear or judgement. We need people to embrace these simple truths as we look to forge a new sustainable path. All are welcome if they hold helpful intent within their heart.                     – Ma-Yothu