Dadirri and Living Meditation Classes

As our Life is in constant motion then our mind focus must also shift with the winds of change.

We provide different forms of meditation which may involve music, movement, sensory experiences, walking or sitting in nature, calm resting and a number of other activities to suit the varying circumstances of peoples lives and what they may require at different times.

  • Dadirri…Walk and sit upon the open spaces around the billabongs or just “be” in the grasslands and learn the gift of applying our awareness to listening to our inner voice and practice the way of “Open Seeing”. This simple meditation practice allows the grace of just being in nature to restore our balance and find a deep inner calm. As the warmer months begin and the days start to get longer we take advantage of being able to be in nature and connect to the land and waters. If conditions are unsuitable on the day then alternative living meditation practices will be carried out in the  centre. (As winter comes this outdoor practice is limited and is only available by private application.)
  • Dawn Meditation… Come to the Sanctuary early before dawn, collect a cushion and move to a location on the land to watch the sun rise and see the land embrace the new day. See the birds come alive and feel the warm and energy return as the light of the sun begins the path of another day. A guided stillnessnand timeless meditation is shared. A hot cup of tea or water is provided to balance our body temperature. A beautiful practice held over the summer months. (Available by private application)
  • Full Moon Meditation- This meditation is done under the night sky sitting on the land. Feel the difference in energy from the sun to the moon… learn about the power of the moon and its effects upon our emotional and energy cycles, how it effects plants and animals, how it was the original calender and how the seasons move to this quiet catalyst of change. We listen to the plants singing under the moon and hear the difference it brings to their songs.(If weather conditions are unsuitable then the practice will be held in the centre where large windows still supply good veiwing.). ( Dates and times supplied under classes or can be available on private application)

Preparation for class
Comfortable warm loose clothes should be worn to suit the weather conditions of the day or night. A meditation blanket should be considered for regular meditation practitioners. A pure water source is provided for those to fill a water bottle at the centre and may be accessed next to entry ramp. Look for the mosaic post….Upon entering the Centre entrance all are required to remove shoes and footwear and racks are provided in the entry for this purpose. A quiet manner is respectful for all at front desk area as details and necessary paperwork are completed.  For meditations on the land a waterproof ground covering will be provided if required.