Spiritual Intelligence – Traditional and Modern Times Applications

  There has been much written about spiritual Intelligence in the past from a number of different people’s perspective. The Spiritual Intelligence I share is from my  ancestors inner experiences and from my own. This shared  experience is not from artificial sources of heresay, media influence or other people’s views. I trust the truths that come from within my existence  because these truths  I believe can not be divided.

My Spiritual Intelligence allows me to see clearly with awareness of lifes truths.

My ancestors and all people come from Mother Earth ( The outer conscious cell of our existence). The make up of our bodies is drawn from her, with the air we breath, the water we share, our souces of food and  the energy that allows us to exist as mobile active creations. All living things are connected and reliant upon the health of this cell and thus we become part of the collaborative whole.

Father spirit is a term for conscious experience of existence and all living things possess this. They are joined in the unity of consciousness. This is an understanding that many people may struggle with as they may have only ever known [Artificial Intelligence]* or had very few true inner life experiences.

It embraces the deeper understandings of our Ancestors and the connections of where we come from and to where our future ancestors go. By looking back and understanding that we did not just appear in life but in reality were born to our parents and those parents were born to their parents… These expanding connections are like the water of this world as they flow out into every corner of the world and back in time to the “beginning”. Within our bodies we hold the memories of these ancestors in our living cell memories and DNA structures. As each generation comes into being, new unique existences are created with the opportunity to expand and evolve our spiritual and conscious presence. Spiritually Intelligent people look to advance our existence with collabrative understandings for the greater good of our mother earth, respect for all spirits and strive to bring changes to lead our children and their children into a golden age of harmonious existence.

Spiritual Intelligence allows us to explore our existence and the nature of all things without prejudice or judgement. By practicing these two possible afflictions shows lack of wisdom and an understanding of the whole. We know not the journey’s of each person’s past and we know nothing of where their future may take them or what they aspire to. To base a decision based on a point in someones life line is to miss the full picture.

Spiritual intelligence allows us to follow our own unique path in life with authenticity and conviction in what we believe as long as we respect and consider the three main truths of mother earth, father spirit and our ancestors in our journey. We have the belief to stand up to the crowd if it does not resonate with our inner knowing which also includes the understanding of compassion and empathy for all our brothers,  sisters and other living spirit entities of this world.

By setting our own intent of how we wish to live according to the three understandings  and by  listening to the unwritten Lore within our consciousness we can diverge from the Laws of mankind, many of which have been  corrupted and designed to facilitate greed, power, political or religous influence and points of view aimed at controlling others.

To gain Spiritual Intelligence is to live it and experience its truth from a real position of open mindedness and deeper awareness. To question everything for our own truths.

There are many other numerous factors and layers that expand our Spiritual Intelligence  which will become apparent as our evolving consciousness allows. The brief outline above is to plant the seed for all to geniunely explore the path to becoming whole as a human existence.


*Artificial Intelligence… This form of intelligence has been with us for a very long time but its rise to prominence without the  balance of Spiritual Intelligence and Physical Intelligence has led to the demise of the health of our planet, the living life forms we share it with and its human  population. Many People have chosen to focus on this form of Intelligence so they may justify their actions to go against and manipulate the three truths of our existence. It is the intelligence of heresay, media influences/ manipulations,  government influences/ manipulations, judgements, false or corrupt ideolgies, theories, questionable facts, lies and truths of questionable leaders. It is any form of information that has not been tested or experienced without our direct connection. Fake news until otherwise experienced…