Weekend Meditation Retreat ©

“One Enlightened Weekend”

A three day Spiritual Retreat and a Meditative Experience where the mind will  be opened to new possabilities and the spirit will be realised..

Warning!  This weekend will change your life…..New wonders await those who have the courage to seek.

Dates of retreat:       Next retreat is 29th – 31st. Jan 2021. enquiries please call Shane 0400525552

Further Dates: 12th – 14th Feb.       26th – 28th Feb. 2021

Join us for this life changing experience on the Mornington Peninsula at Ma-Yothu Sanctuary where you arrive on a Friday night  6.30pm for a brief relaxed introduction. Then we shall begin the first  of the five foundations “Intent for Life’s Journey” This is our” First Foundation” of awareness. Clarifying our purpose, exploring our hopes and dreams and deciding who we want to be in this life. A brief relaxation meditation to complete the day.

On Saturday morning we start 9-30am with hot tea and meditive chat before beginning the Second Foundation,  “Rising above Self” reveals how to see past our “Ego” and the “Layers” we have attached to find out who we truly are without the superficial clutter. A new awareness of respect and cognitive empathy for our self and others will begin to rise.

 Organic Morning Tea

The next space of time is allocated to the Third Foundation, Acknowledging our Inner Truth or Intuition” We share how all can fine tune and recognize the “Truth” and natural “Lore” that resides within and experience our own calm place. (Sanctuary) We outline where true freedom can be found and no-one can take it unless we let it be so.

Organic Vegetarian Lunch .

The last space of the day is filled with the “Fourth Foundation” the powerful and deeply felt “Connection of One”. Where we look at where we come from and experience the connections of  Ancestors.  Get to know the feeling of place and belonging. We are all unique and each has a part to play.

A short relaxation Meditation will round out this day of Expansion, with the day finishing around 3pm. This early finish is to provide some time and space to reflect in a meditive way on how spiritual realisation and the new awarenesses are going to bring relief and calm to our life.

Sunday Morning begins at 9-30am. For the “Fifth Foundation“, “Meditation the Key“.

The clear understandings of how the various Meditations combined with a Meditive mind can Enlighten our life. We instal and provide methods for grounding and finding peace in the current  times.  The true story is exposed to show the way of expansion and endless spiritual growth that is available once the fog is cleared..

Organic questions and discussion time is then available and finishes up

After 11.15am.

The “Five Foundations” are the first part of the three part Journey of,” Ma-Yothu” – Spiritual Intelligence  with Wisdom, Meditation and Healing. 

All parts of the foundations include various forms of meditation practiced inside the meditation center and on the Wetland Sanctuary.

Join us, as we begin to see the world from many new perspectives.. See our classes and courses page for up coming dates.

The experience and investment  for the weekend will be $400 per person or for group bookings please call Shane mob. 0400525552.

Including organic lunch and morning tea.

Accomadation is not available at this time.

If we were to do no other thing in this life than to understand these five foundations then it will have been a life well spent.

                   Ma-Yothu                   ©


Some of the comments from those who have attended:

“I didn’t realise there was so much more to life.”  Thank you thank you thank you.     –  Jane

“Why has this been hidden for so long, I have been living in a dream”- Angela

“This will help me and lift all those who live around me” – Terence

“The secrets you have shared about the “Whispered Path” have set off a nova in my brain” Wow.   -Claudia

“This has been life changing” – Troy