Global Enzyme Network….A Bio-Sustainable Restoration for the Earth and its inhabitants Starts Here

The Global Enzyme Network was created originally by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong of Thailand more than forty years ago. It has been her committment and dedication that has prevailed through many trials and judgements of those unwilling to accept new understandings. With her assistance and that of Dr. Joean Oon of Malaysia we have discovered this natural path for a sustainable future and embarked on the mission with the Global Enzyme Network as the Australian team. Networking with other like minded people who have experienced the natural life force in enzymes that is capable of restoring a healthy future for the planet and its inhabitants. A life force that doesnt poison, burn or kill but brings about sustainable changes. Our task is to go beyond our current understandings and have faith in the evolving nature of our existence and come back to this sustainable path. There is enormous potential in reducing human waste and pollution, applying affordable bio-dynamic sustainable farm practices; fertilisers, soil conditioners, insect deterrents, problem plant control, cleaning up water- ways of sludge and residue chemicals etc. The Global Enzyme Network are stewards of mother earth and provide the knowledge for all people to be able to continue on a sustainable life path.


Living Enzymes-    “Natural Appropriate Nucleic Organisers”.    

– Dr. Rosukon

Living Enzymes create the Spark of all Life …Without them conscious life cannot exist..

They have been here since the beginning of life on the earth, they are present and required for conception to occur in living biota and stay with us until the death of our body and in some cases longer .. They protect and nourish every part of our body from birth, never relenting and ever vigilant to our needs. But what are they ?

To answer this question we must leave the world of limited scientific understandings and push on with an open mind into the world  of creation itself…

“Science can never catch up to the constant evolving mind which is not limited to our perceived physical reality.”           Ma-Yothu

Getting To Know Living Enzymes

  • Enzymes are found everywhere there is life: In the plants, waters, clouds, soils, air, in the smallest single cells of life, in the cell walls and within the inner cell components themselves.  The enzymes in the human body are released from our cells in limited numbers in different areas. Different and various enzymes can be introduced into the body by what we ingest, mainly in the food and water, but even possibly in the air we breathe and through direct contact with our skin to the environment.
  • Enzymes perform all sorts of functions within the body:  including creating rapid chemical changes to sustain and generate enough electrical energy to power the living entity, provide the energy for cells to duplicate and grow, neutralise invading bacteria, viruses and introduced poisons, clean up damaged or rogue cells within the blood, help digest our food, break down fats, etc. etc. the list is long but basicly they keep us and all living things alive and their wellbeing and numbers determines our physical life cycle spans.
  • Enzymes are living entities that are created from the mother, grow,become active, hibernate,exist for a period of time and eventually cease to exist or die. The full enzyme lifespan capabilities are yet to be determined. Death can be  in a number of ways: Disolve because of exposure beyond its heat tolerance (Burnt), Broken down (Denatured) from exposure to hostile enviromental ph levels -( a measure of a substances acidity or alkalinity) beyond its level of tolerance of survival. Most of living enzymes are also effected by microwave-radiation and Electro magnetic fields, though there are a few exceptions to this but they are not readily found in living biota. Most living organisms have a natural defence against natural radiation which has evolved over time but with the new unchecked and short-sighted current technology rollout our very lives and healthy existence of the finely balanced living biosphere itself is at risk.
  • An Enzyme is considered by the scientific world as a “biological”(Living Organism) protein molecule made up of thousands of various unique amino acids disappearing in size and makeup beyond our current ability to see….  Enzymes influence and control the very DNA of life which holds the inherent memory of its existence and genetic instructions for development and function of all living things. Enzymes determine when the strand is opened and closed for duplication or cell creation to occur, they are the evolving gate keepers.

1)What are Eco Enzymes

They are organic compounds that naturally synthesize within plants and all living biota. Eco Enzymes can be harvested at home using your own fresh fruit and vegetable waste.  It is a complex liquid solution which is dark brown in colour and has a strong sweet sour femented scent. The vegetable matter is placed in a drum of clean* water and mixed with brown sugar or molasses in a set ratio. They are fermented for a minimum of three months and then they are ready to use… The liquid has multiple uses and new applications are constantly being found.

A few of the current uses are as follows.

    • Anti- bacterial cleaner, air purifier, fabric softener, deodorising agent that is very effective and harmless to the environment… Actually improves the environment !!
    • De-toxing fruit and vegetables of surface sprays.
    • Can be used to neutralise and solve most septic tank issues as it restores the bacteria without harsh chemicals or odors.
    • It is fantastic to add to a bath for different human skin conditions – detox skin pores and tone.
    • Bio-dynamic fertiliser that also breaks down previous chemical residues..
    • Fire retardant- added to water at a ratio 1 litre :1000 litres water.
    • Soil conditioner for restoring absorbtion qualities and breaking surface tension or waxiness..
    • Very good as a spray for sun burn and any other wounds when diluted to the correct level.
    • Can be added to the dishwasher as a rinse aid to neutralise the harsh washing chemicals.
    • Can be added to the washing machine to reduce impact of washing chemicals on the skin by breaking down the residual chemicals after the washing cycle. There are many other uses ….All of which can bring sustainable benefits to the earth.

How to make Eco Enzymes:


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*Non contaminated tap water is preferred or alternatively water treated by adding global enzymes for a minimum period of 24 – 48 hrs. Most town waters in Australia contain many products which are not helpful of us retaining good health.The algaecides (Killers of living organisms ) , chlorine (commonly used in insectides, anteseptics, paints. etc. – killer of living organisms) Fluorosalicylic Acid – an unstable poisonous corrosive is used for “fluoride” treatment of water,It can releaase hydroghen fluride when it evaporates, and can damage the lungs if breathed in steam…(Known to inactivate 62 body enzymes and inhibit more than 100 others. Little or no benefit to your teeth, direct links to brain damage including lower IQ in children. etc. etc.    -scientific studies cited as source of this information by Fluoride Action Network America). Of course the  global enzymes are capable of chemically changing the Chlorine, Fluoride and algecides to harmless and even beneficial supplements.!! This relatively cheap and wonderful method to change the water  is shared as well as how we can all change the town water for the entire household.. water for showers, baths, washing, irrigating our gardens etc. As we all know our skin is our biggest organ and is prone to absorbing toxins from the environment including the air and water..

Further tests are currently underway to document the changes that occur in the “Treated” water and these test results will be published soon… The tests on the Flurosalicylic acid are of great interest.

2)Drinking Fruit Enzymes

These broad based enzymes are harvested naturally for internal use to boost our immune system and heal our inner workings… We encourage all people to apply their awareness and understanding of these natural enzyme sources before ingesting them as you should for all new experiencing methods. The Fruit Enzymes have a long history of safe and beneficial outcomes  that are best learnt on the day at the course we provide !! A different approach is used to conventional methods to extract these, in the  Global Enzyme Network method we look to transfer the living enzymes with their life force still intact. These wonderful Natural Appropriate Nucleic Organisers are harvested in liquid form at their peak health and introduced through the bodies natural filtering system the stomache.  The process of making these enzymes is similar as the Eco Enzymes variety but different ingredients and fermentation times are used. A minimum fermenting time of six months is required for a raw version  which added time can refine. Further details are revealed  at the talks…

How can we join this network and start saving the world?

You may email us and be added to a mail out list.  

Subject: Global Enzyme Network.     or  Text your details to 0400525552 with contact details- ie. name, mob; email address  and any questions you may have.

Come and join us to discover and learn about this ancient knowledge and life changing journey of Living Enzymes. Learn how much of the early knowledge was shared with Shane and Wan in Penang Malaysia 2016 after contacting Dr Johanna and Dr Rosukan and relizing its huge potential in changing the way we share the living environmentand and treat our bodies. It opened a complete new understanding on how the enzymes can benefit us: How in our body they convert “live” food into useful electrical energy, learn about their ability to boost our imune system, detox our skin and organs, neutralise the skins of our daily fruit and vegetables from the pesticides, sprays and poisons.etc.  The enzymes powerful energy properties are just being realised and we would love to share how they can improve everyones life. We provide regular courses for people to come and hear Shane speak and explain about how these sparks of life can be made at home and implemented into our everyday environment and health. He is currently available to speak at organised functions through-out Victoria but is also open to explore further afield sharing about the enzymes and network if requested.

Questions relating to this Network and the related topics will be in an open forum for mail out registered people only. Exact details of a more suitable forum may be created at a later date.


A brief version of what the talks are about is outlined below.

The std. two and half  hour introduction covers two different areas of Enzyme influences including how we and the earth can connect, benefit and share in their influences. A wholistic approach is taken where all bodily influences and enviromental influences must also be taken into consideration.



Useful links to Dr. Joean Oons Website for practical explanation from


Explore the Truth and Honesty of Evolving Living Enzymes for Restoring and Creating a Sustainable future. Maintaining  and
Nourishing the Health and biodiversity of the Earth for our children of the future.