The Human Source Retreat


Welcome to our newest retreat for those who work with people and who manage this creative intelligence. We choose to refrain from using the word “Resource” when it comes to speaking of people, as it  demeans the unique contributions that people make and contribute to the greater good of our business and race. The human race…

Our five day retreat covers many new areas of thinking and actions in regards to the future and the people who make or break our business. We focus on building collabrative power within the business and the individual. We create the next generation of strong true leaders, without inner doubts, with a strong moral compass and raised awareness of our environment and the world we leave for future generations.

The foundations of our retreats:

  • Leadership secret skills- In business and personal life.
  • Self management.
  • Collaborative thinking for the greater good.
  • Action and moving with change.
  • Intent and self belief.
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence (software) into the business without creating fear.
  • Keeping a sound “Mind health” and finding balance in the work space and home space.
  • Gaining spiritual intelligence
  • Spiritual Intelligent role of our leaders.
  • The power of language.

Many new facets of running a successful business of the future are emerging, as the world is in constant change, the human source of energy and creativity becomes the core of a successful evolving business. But for too long that “human source” has been treated as if they are machines or a renewable resource to be discarded when their use is complete. This attitude needs to change if a business wishes to obtain continuing success.

Retaining creative people and allowing them to function within their strengths is the challenge we look to identify and address in creative ways .

The live-in retreat is undertaken in a comfortable environment with focus and where distractions are kept to a minimum. Held at        Ma-Yothu Sanctuary on nineteen acres of green grasslands and wetlands.

Could your business do with these insights into the future ?

For dates and further information please contact Shane 0400525552. or email.