Meditation and Wisdom for beginners.

We share a number of ways to start on a life long Journey of self discovery and a way towards building a meaningful life. 

During the beginners class an outline of what lies ahead is provided with group meditations, individual purposeful meditations, our foundations meditation and a glimpse is provided of the deeper levels of awareness  and meditation that one may experience over time. We practice two forms of meditation each class…Foundation meditation (To get used to being comfortable and to learning how it “Feels” to meditate.) A sensory meditation is also shared.

Every journey requires physical action to start and a first step… Create the space in your life and commit to the action of attending a class. It is best to experience a number of different forms of meditation and be introduced to the mindfulness/wisdom practices  in a non religious but spiritual environment. Our qualified guides share their knowledge and awareness from a simple base of non-judgement and respect.  As we spiral out and grow, more topics and forms of awareness of our emotions, behaviours and habits are investigated. This way we can  see what  is helpful and suits our unique position in life. New opportunities and inner growth that we may expect to find on the path of guided meditation can help us towards finding our own meaningful life. .


A brief history can be found under “About us” and further information on how the sacred site has been constructed and what is required for such a place.

A short walk on the land will occur ( if the weather and light permit). During this silent time the beginnings of guided  connection meditation and wisdom will be shared.

Preparation for class
Comfortable warm loose clothes should be worn to suit the weather conditions of the day. A meditation blanket should be considered for warmth and comfort. A pure water source is provided for those to fill a water bottle at the centre and may be accessed next to entry ramp. Look for the mosaic fountain of youth..Upon entering the Centre entrance all are required to remove shoes and footwear and racks are provided in the entry for this purpose.  The main meditation practice room is to be entered in silence as the transformation to our calm place begins.

Are you ready for the journey?