Reflection Meditation

The Reflection Meditation is undertaken once the primed meditation state of “Blind Seeing” has been obtained. From this state greater clarity and calm mind allow a more harmonious view.  Reflection Meditation is a great practice for improving our behavioural responses and emotional responses for more settled outcomes. This meditation is one of contemplation which may be applied to our daily life, a weekly application or it can be applied to our lifetime. By looking back over our “time line” many emotional attachments and trauma blockages can be identified,  desensitised and healed. In our group classes we provide guidance of a broader nature for all to experience this awareness. Some may seek or require further deeper untanglements but we recommend these are done in a private consultation. We look into the mirror to see who we are and how we live. This provides clear insights into possible changes we may wish to undertake for our spiritual growth with awareness. There is no expectation for anyone to speak in these classe and people can relax with their own thoughts or share if they so feel like it.