Meditation – A Home Practice.

 Ma-Yothu Meditation practices are a way to grow our wisdom, awareness and spiritual purpose. It guides us in ways of living a more satisfying and harmonious daily life.

 Meditation Is the best gateway to understanding self and our unexplored potential.

To relax and become content and happy is the surface of meditation purpose. For many this is all that is required in the hectic lifestyles they live at this time. It can provide a calm place to just be and feel comfortable, safe and at one with life.

On a deeper level it expands the capacity of our brain to function at higher levels of awareness and understanding. It has been scientificlly proven that during the guided practice of different forms of meditation, different areas of the brain experience new chemical reactions and growth…new path ways and gateways are opened and created in our physical brain and consciousness. When born as a child we are born with many more synapse reactions which are in most cases reduced as we age… we experience a narrowing of the mind and the causes of this are somewhat controversial.. Learning new practices and experiencing new exploration of our mind begins the reversal of this situation to one of expansion. We can discover who we are,  find a place to reflect, find purpose in life if seeking this, inner happiness, confidence, self worth, contentment etc. the list continues to grow as more discoveries are found.

We would like to share and guide our unique truths at Ma-Yothu Sanctuary for those who wish to hear and experience them.  By experiencing the different forms of meditation that we offer we are gradually able to remove the “thorns of our life”. Our Foundation meditation practice is a variation of  Samatha Meditation (Tranquil mind or calm abiding) and the Vipasyana Meditation (Deep Insight) combined as one practice. We vary the traditional practice by preparing the mind body with set behaviour patterns and key relaxation methods. We start with mindful breathing but change this at a set time to orchestrate a shift to a calm disposition referred to as “The Blind Seeing”. From there we guide in a number of different ways for different outcomes. These may include “reflection meditation”( looking back over our day to day behaviour and habits with awareness  so we may improve our ways.) The meditation of “Change” or the meditation of “Ownership” and a variety of others which are shared.    A further meditation state  can be  reached  “Sacred Space”with guidance and the practice of  “Empty Seeing” can be applied. This is best explained when the time is right for this more advanced method.

What we do:

We guide and share how to meditate with awareness and wisdom and how to create our own home practice: We practice the meditations of  “The Blind Seeing” the “Empty Seeing” (to allow spiritual memories and creativity to emerge) and the practice of “Open Seeing” (“Conscious Being” in nature with full awareness, this state has similarities to the aboriginal “Daddirri” form.)


  • For healing our self of the past and every day emotional  and life problems..
  • We can return the power and restore our inner child to be above opinions and judgements of others.
  • Our meditation practice can give confidence and restore inner strength to become the leader your family and you need.
  • Prepare ourselves for the conclusion of this life cycle and remove many of our fears.
  • Help us to see clearly the many options we have to live a better life.

We encourage all to experience the unique opportunities that we provide at the central meditation centre and on the nineteen acres of wetland and natural grasslands. Walking on or sitting in nature is often part of  the unique experiences we incorporate and share within our practices. We inspire new dreams and purpose for living as we provide a different view of the endless possibilities and paths to experience.

Before we start the practice of meditation we ask all who attend for the reasons or purpose for seeking this path as this provides us with an idea of your intent. We carefully consider these reasons to clarify and be sure that our practices can address these areas. Some examples of purpose may be: to calm an over busy mind,   to slow erratic  looping thinking patterns and thus make clearer decisions in  life, to relax a tired mind and relieve the stresses of life,  to bolster inner confidence and regain power back over our life, to solve emotional problems, to bring change to inherent habits and behaviour, to reconnect or explore the spiritual self, etc. There are many reasons why one should take action to begin their own meditation practice.

Once we have established intent then we move onto preparation of the body. A number of suitable light physical movements are explained and shown to begin the journey of relaxing our  mind body. Our breathing is aligned with these movements as we raise the awareness and pay attention to  the body. (10 mins)

After this time we move onto a unique form of connection of mind, senses and energy. This is shown at guided meditation meetings when some of the more insightful layers are revealed. (10mins) A method for self healing is shared.

Once you have experienced some time with guided meditation practice many questions, thoughts, feelings and ideas will arise. We look at all of them with open mind and non-judgment for this is the start of the meditation path of wisdom. An experienced guide with the correct intent at this point is of great importance. Sharing with open heart discussions can greatly enhance clarity, insight and wisdom on discovering the path to  Building  our own  meaningful life.

Practiced different Meditation forms provide the foundations of our newly to be discovered self and can always be returned too when things become daunting, stressful, painful, joyous, happy, sad, scared etc. The Meditation space is not a place to hide from reality and should not be used for this purpose as this provides no foreseeable benefit. It is instead a place to find clarity and awareness to see the world as it truly is so we can fully understand the experiences that come to our life.

Many more broad and deeper areas of Ma-Yothu meditation and wisdom are given in a guidance format. There is no doctrine or religion but only wisdom, common sense, good heart, spiritual understanding and open mind on the path that is presented. All can greatly benefit from traveling the path of meditation with purpose…

For those who seek a deeper explanation of our advanced practice: Our methods of meditation are a variance from the traditional Samatha* (Tranquil mind or calm abiding) practice unified with the practice of Vipasyana* (Insight). We follow the Aboriginal wisdom where the both practices are intuitively experienced  as one from the beginning.  We believe the (mind body) is one part of our duality and the spirit is the other part as in the Earth – body (Mother) and Sky – spirit(Father). To bring harmony and respect to the duality of our existence is an important part of our wisdom. The unification of both parts is the divine union we seek. We do not engage in creation stories as we see no benefit in pursuing that path of the past. Part of our practice is to engage the now of life to explore our inherrent* memories within which are passed on from generation to generation. We also encourage people to experience their own inner truth and knowing as part of our meditation practice.

Body and Spirit both carry memories from previous generations.                                                                                                                                          Proof of “Body Memories” has been established at a cell level and a simple example of this has been confirmed in the DNA links of all living things. From “Seed” to “Tree” to “Seed” continuously adapting to changing conditions or perishing along the way. Our unique body and form at this time is the result of possibly more than a thousand generations of ancestors. This direct link has been established and is available for people to easily witness.

The “Spirit Memories”  are obtained from the “Uniquely Experienced forms of Conscious Energy”  that all living things contain.   The existence of this part of our duality and its subsequent denial or non-belief is where humanity has lost its way. By denying the rights of all living things to existence without respect allows humanity to trash the earth, its other forms of unique life and even those of humanity itself. By seeing clearly new respect arises for all living things.

We are not locked into the belief that all thoughts and visions come from the body mind.

We use “Earthing” and “Sensory connections to the natural environment” combined with simple slow relaxed body exercises to further enhance the scope and depth of the meditation experience. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank those past and present Philosophers, Elders and Seekers of the spiritual path for their sharing of knowledge, wisdom and deep accounts of the paths they have followed. It is from these shared paths and studies that have provided us with  a base of the roads previously taken. Many variations have been proposed and many dreaming stories have been told. We make no judgement of others as we are all unique in our journeys of life and because of this uniqueness we encourage all people to open and explore their own truths.

The discovery of the inner universe will come when it is time and our

unique paths will open. This is the time of Ma-Yothu…. Please consider this opportunity.