Let our Food replace our Medicine

Wan and Zanda’s sharing of diverse vegeterian, raw and veagan food knowledge and recipes.

Next event to be advised………at Ma-Yothu Sanctuary…

Join Wan and Zanda as they bring their extensive knowledge from their unique cultural experiences and apply them to the area of vegetarian and veagan cuisine. Both have long followed the vegetarian/ veagan path and bring their creativity and passion to their cooking.  From Hong Kong Chinese delights, Japanese influences and European diversity the dishes will be prepared and shared in a fun tasting afternoon around the kitchen. Lots of tips and chats about the wisdom of food and how to choose seasonal, gluten free options and how to clean and  prepare healthy food.

The investment price is $30 and the tastings alone make this a delightful afternoon of fun you can share with community and friends. Ask them along for a new experience…

Ma-Yothu’s simple philosophy for consideration.

Living food and non-living food… Which gives us most good health and life? If we consider that as young people growing we require more materials to build our bodies but once we have stopped growing then really we require less materials (Only now require to maintain our body) so our eating habits should also reflect this. We should focus more on foods that provide us with living energy for a healthy immune system and for maintaining an active lifestyle. We should aim to avoid or minimise our exposure to poisons (Prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, alcohol, sugar, processed salt, treated water, modified foods and contaminated foods* etc.) we should aim to ensure we are hydrated sufficiently from a healthy water source (Adult bodies are around 63% water and the brain is around 80% water) and we should aim to eat foods that are high in life energy.(Living food). Of these fruit is the highest provider of charge then follows the different ranges of vegetables and plants. The shorter the time from harvest before we consume the less the amount of energy is lost. . Please consider these simple requirements to greatly reduce our exposure to sickness..