One Enlightening Day

“One Enlightening Day 

Next event- Saturday June the 8th 9-30am – 3pm. 

Ma-Yothu Sanctuary on the Mornington Peninsula provides a unique one day opportunity for people  to experience a rare insight into some of the deeper understandings of life. A fun day to expand our way of experiencing, seeing and thinking to unlock the creative intelligence that lives in all of us.

The day is a combination of three active events held outdoors on our wetland Sanctuary and within our purpose built Meditation centre.

The following spaces of time follow our brief introduction:

Foundation Meditation and Senses Alive.

We share the experience of guided meditation and raise awareness of the life around us. There’s blindfolds, connection with bare feet on the grass,  wise stories, escaping the “Emotional” weather and an introduction to our inherrent memories.

“Organic morning Tea”

Moving Meditation and the power of “Golden Language”.

We “create language” using tone, body movement, careful word selection and show the way to inspire and lift those around us with helpful word and conversation  use. We raise Qi so all can experience this sensation and share the understanding of living energy within our foood and life.

“Organic Vegetarian Lunch”

Nature Meditation and Building Inner Confidence.

We nurture the connection to our ancestors and to the land. We empower our place in the world and release all from responsibilities with its associated burdens. We listen and open the intuition that lies within. An insight into the world of singing plants will be included in the day.

Cost $90 per person….new price $115 starting on      9/6/2019

 ”A beautiful and thoughtful gift for new parents and those needing a change. ”

We are located 2mins from the end of the Peninsula Freeway

182 Browns Rd. Boneo at Ma-Yothu Sanctuary  PH:0400525552

The next proposed day retreat is 8th June 2019