Sports Meditation

Sports Meditation

Available for: 

# Golf

# Football

# Netball

# Horse riding


# Yoga… etc.

For Clubs and individuals who wish to take their sport results and achievements to the next level.

From beginners to seasoned professionals we provide the path to new ways of practicing, understanding and creating results which leave long & lasting good memories.

Did you know that most “winners” do not focus on winning?

  • Learn to understand the game behind the game…
  • Learn to be happy and relaxed while playing…
  • Make friends and form good connections with others from sport…
  • Reduce stress and stop wasting energy while playing …
  • Learn to focus for longer periods of time and play with inner confidence…
  • Learn how you can “win” every game you play….
  • Gain respect from those around your game..

The opportunity is now as Shane Martin ( Qualified and experienced International Meditation Guide, Instant and rapid Hypnosis practitioner, International Author- “Building A Meaningful Life” and Speaker) offers a new path to success in sport and into everyday life. Available for clubs as a speaker or for individuals looking to gain an edge in the sporting world.

For Teams looking to improve their position and raise the positive outcomes from the game. Look at reducing injuries with a clear mindset of the team. Look forward to “playing” every game. Play with a plan and vision of what is possible…

Are you ready for the next level  ?

Contact Shane for more details and costs PH. 0400 525 552