Home Made Enzymes

Home Made Enzymes

 The Secret of life Energy


Imagine our body as a building site with lots of materials being delivered every day. The food we eat and the drinks we consume are our building materials.

Now imagine the building site when there are no enough workers to keep up with the materials being delivered…Soon the building site gets clogged up, things slow down, the workers feel under pressure and the site no longer functions smoothly.

Well our body is the same. We become clogged up and sluggish when we eat too much and do not have enough workers to move the materials such as fats, carbs and sugars to their correct locations.

If our body is subjected to these blockages over time it can lead to gut problems, weight gain and inflammation. Left unresolved our energy levels drop and our immune systems capacity is reduced. This can lead to further lifetime health problems.


Enzymes are the workers that aid in the digesting of these materials to release the energy and nutrients our bodies require. In a diet rich of raw fruits and vegetables we gain the required amount of enzymes we need to keep our body running smoothly and in its prime.


We need more good workers !

All problems have a solution…

  • We could stop eating and drinking so much….hmmmm
  • We could eat more raw fresh fruit and vegetables which provide some of the enzymes we need.
  • OR we can introduce super fruit enzymes to get the balance back… 


We can share how to make them!! Easy!


But wait a minute…. It does not stop there!!! There are other amazing uses for these wonder workers…. 

  • Treatment for burns(Including sunburn) and a number of skin conditions…There have been examples of it used on serious wounds in China with remarkable results…
  • Household cleaning agent for dishwashing, clothes washing, surface cleaning, deodoriser for clean air…
  • A neutraliser of external contaminants from in store vegetable and fruit suppliers.
  • A  liquid bio-fertiliser….


We can also show everyone how to make Earth Enzymes out of vegetable and fruit waste or off-cuts. Please join us at our Enzyme event for more exciting information on how this amazing product can be added into our life